Implementation and delivery of filter elements to our customers in 2011

At the turn of October and November the company ECOTEX s.r.o. made a supply and an installation of 1404 pieces of filter bags for the filter unit SLAVEX in the company  Momentive Speciality Chemicals a.s. Sokolov.


The company ECOTEX s.r.o. is involved in the de-dusting optimization of the technology F80 in ŠKO ENERGO, s.r.o. through original technical solutions of supporting cages and filter bags. Altogether 1344 supporting cages and filter bags were supplied.


 skoenergo1.jpg  skoenergo2.jpg

We are in realization of spare filter bag supply for both de-dusting lines of  agglomeration nodes No.1, Třinecké železárny a.s.

Trinec_2011.JPG  Trinec_2011-1.JPG

Delivery of FB + SC for the company SITA Incinerator in Ostrava




Delivery of FB including service for the company DEZA 

Deza.jpg  Deza_-_K2.jpg


Delivery of FB for the company Alpiq Zlin



Delivery of FB including service for the company Alpiq Kladno

Alpiq_Kladno-1.jpg  Alpiq_Kladno-2.jpg  Alpiq_Kladno-3.jpg

In June the company ECOTEX s.r.o. made a complex delivery of 3520 pcs of filter bags for Alpiq Kladno. A part of the delivery is to ensure all service work when changing the filter bags in the filtration unit behind boiler K5, including carrying out a leakage inspection, a treatment of the filter bags with pre-coating and an assistance during the start-up of the filtration unit.

Alpiq1.JPG Alpiq2.jpg

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